Your first naturist experience

Your first naturist experience

Daring to take the plungeof nudity…for the first time

It is clear that in a society where individual creativity is largely restricted by the excessively conventional majority, imprisoning people in the shackles of propriety, it is far from easy to introduce a lifestyle which is out of the ordinary.

Because Tohapi Naturism has perfectly understood the value of living naked, it has chosen to offer each of you spaces dedicated to freedom, YOUR freedom, where you can finally discover another lifestyle… naturism.

Whether we have adopted it since childhood through our family circle, or have seriously considered it in order to attain well-being, or are new to it, naturism is a lifestyle that many of us have difficulty taking on…And we are wrong. There is always a first time for everything, so trying naturism is a lot easier than it appears. So would you like to give it a go?

Be yourself… quite simply

Everyone remembers special sensations, feeling water droplets sliding over your skin or enjoying the caress of the very first rays of the sun. Many of us have nostalgic memories of exciting midnight bathing, with the feeling of doing something prohibited. Unique feelings which Camping Tohapi Naturism invites you to experience on a daily basis during a stay in one of its naturist campsites.

At the very beginning...

Taking your first steps in a centre completely dedicated to living naked has undeniable advantages like:

  • Fitting into a mass of people in the same situation, so your initial embarrassment will go unnoticed.
  • Getting friendly support during this new experience from longstanding naturists.
  • Sharing your experience with holidaymakers with similar aspirations to your own.

The first tentative steps for some people are filled with natural apprehensions with regard to:

  • What other people will think of you
  • What your reaction will be when faced with other nude holidaymakers
  • The fact of being permanently naked… including in some embarrassing situations like a restaurant

Moving forward one step at a time, defying a conservative upbringing, breaking down prejudices and getting rid of certain preconceived ideas about this lifestyle… will allow you to assert the person you really are with ease, before the eyes and ears of everyone. Do we not all aspire to this sense of fulfilment?
The embarrassment of the first moments will quickly be forgotten and replaced by a feeling of well-being and a real sense of freedom of the body and mind.

Naturism in figures

A marginal lifestyle? A practice that concerns just a few people? Not if we are to believe certain figures showing the success of naturism as a driver of fulfilment.

  • 16% of French people would be prepared to try a naturist experience.
  • 56% of French people believe that naturism conveys tolerance.
  • 71% of French people are not shocked by the practice of naturism.
  • A total of 1.5 million tourists engage in naturism in France each year.
  • 500 000 people in France engage in naturism each year.

Statistics which show a real enthusiasm for this approach to freedom, one that is not about to stop here.

Testimonials that speak volumes…

Alicia (aged 22)

"I’m not likely to forget the very first time… I was on holiday with my friends in the south of France when one of them threw down a challenge: to go sunbathing on a naturist beach. We all played along at the start with muffled laughter… we had quickly to get over this… finally we stayed the whole afternoon. A pleasant surprise and very far from our prejudices of voyeurism and so on."

Simone (aged 61)

"Ah, when did I start naturism? I can tell when it was: when it became known in the neighbourhood, I was soon given the cold shoulder lol. It was in 1970, I remember as if it were yesterday… society had become more open, everyone wanted to loosen up a bit… I went to try it alone at the CHM campsite. It was a fantastic week during which I felt like a different person, I finally got over the embarrassment of being nude and gave a new meaning to my existence."

Amandine (aged 30)

"In our family naturism has always played a part, when I was very small the naturist campsite was the favourite destination with parents and grandparents in the Renault 4… My classmates obviously thought I was mad…and their parents did not really like it. Personally I didn’t care all that much… I had friends on holiday with whom I could share something really special... being naked and that seeming perfectly normal, with no preconceptions."

Paul (aged 43)

"My first time was a bit by chance, my wife wanted to try it out of curiosity after watching a documentary on German television. Frankly I was far from keen and spent several days in shorts on the campsite. Instead of accusing looks, I was afforded a good deal of tolerance by naturists, I took my time and finally undressed completely. Today I need this dose of oxygen, it has become second nature."

As you can see, your experience will be unique and authentic, a real sense of rebirth and a new look at yourself. Dare to take the plunge. We are there to support you in this quest for freedom. Welcome to our SOCNAT campsites where sharing naturism is great.