Our vision of naturism

Our vision of naturism

Nudity as a means for fulfilment

We aspire to spread the influence of naturism and to respect its values in each of our campsites. We wish to allow everyone to experience naturism in full freedom without having to fear strange looks from clothed holidaymakers. We strive to convey the values of this lifestyle to the largest number of people possible.

Some of our campsites may be more flexible when it comes to nudity, but our intention is to make nudity the rule across all our establishments,following the example of the CHM which saw the emergence of new pioneering means of expression.

Because these sites are primarily intended to allow nudity without preconceptions and above all to share it in a spirit of kinship, there are several reminders of the importance of respecting the rules of naturism, drawn up by the Fédération Française de Naturisme. As sites close to nature, our campsites are used by naturists, so what could be more normal than to expect holidaymakers to be nude as soon as the weather permits?

An ethic for happy holidaymakers

While the nudity of our staff has become the norm on our campsites, holidaymakers that have chosen naturism intend to enjoy a stay that meets their aspirations. There are a few basic principles designed to respect their nudity as well as your own:

  • Signing the commitment of respect for the naturist attitude when you arrive.
  • Nude mini club to raise children’s awareness of this lifestyle.
  • Access to certain activities is only available to holiday-makers who are nude.
  • Signs reminding people of the values on the campsite and in the accommodation areas indicate a commitment to respect and enforce our values.

Do these actions seem over the top to you? They are essential so that everyone can practise naturism without limitation and meet other holidaymakers who share the same desire for well-being and freedom.

Naturist at the age of 15

Because it is not always easy at this difficult age, a phase between childhood and adulthood when hormones play a role, we understand that our teenagers may be embarrassed and support them.

To take into account young people’s desires, needs and embarrassment- which SOCNAT understands completely -our campsites afford them a certain amount of leeway. Beach shorts are tolerated except on the beach and in the swimming pool where nudity should be practised by everyone.

Far from seeing it as a failure or a forgone conclusion, SOCNAT remains optimistic faced with this teenage reticence and encourages young people to enjoy living nude together.

Let’s respect our environment

We are opposed to the idea of a naturism that aspires only to enjoying nudity. Being a naturist involves adhering to certain fundamental values like the respect of our planet and environmental awareness.
Campings Tohapi Naturist affirm this commitment on a daily basis through essential activities:

  • Sorting waste: creation of a sorting area at the CHM with several containers for sorting larger waste items.
  • Production of green energy: SOCNAT subscription to a “contrat équilibre” (with the emphasis on renewable energies) with EDF.
  • An environmentally-friendly attitude with the Green Key label: water management, environmental awareness, responsible purchasing,etc...
  • Taking part in re-vegetation campaigns including tree planting.

Nurturing the opportunity to practise healthy and relaxing naturism based on founding values is down to us.Be committed your naturism and choose a SOCNAT campsite for your holidays.